Monday, February 23, 2009

The Hazards of Password Sharing

I just love it when people mess with my profile. Remember that time I innocently messed with Annie's - and she struck back? For those of you who weren't around yet, it went like this:

Feeling rather obnoxious (but not malicious at all - I swear), I just happened to re-write (my sister) Annie's profile. It really was innocent. I was supposed to be helping her pick a new blog template, so I set up a fake blog, and forgot that the profile would be the same as the one for her real blog. The profile re-write (which, coincidentally didn't get deleted with the fake blog, but stayed on her site) was all about how lame she was, with her lame-o template.

She finally found it, and struck back by re-writing mine. And I quote. "Hi, my name's Jen, and I'm really cool. I'm so cool that one time my pants froze to my legs...etc., etc." And it was way longer than the one I wrote for her. After about a week I found it on there and deleted it, but you know someone (like maybe four people) must have see it and thought I was the world's most obnoxiously stuck-on-myself person ever.

Then the other night my husband got on my blog. No, I did not give him my user name/password. I left myself logged in. And what does he do to my profile? He tells the world my favorite movie is Emmet Otters Christmas. He says my favorite music is pygmy love songs. And he makes a teen mother out of me (thirteen, to be exact) by saying I was born in 1986.

My favorite alteration, however? The tag line "Oh, and I'm extremely hot" onto the end of my little profile blip.

Yeah. Just what every humble blogger says about herself on her profile. Hopefully, no one saw it. I mean, it was a nice thought, but somehow just doesn't come off right.

It's kind of like the other day when I told him he could use my Facebook to search for some of his old friends. He found them. And left them messages that said things like "Hi."

From me. With my picture. With no side note like "By the way, this isn't Jen leaving you this message, it's Rusty Baxter from high school - remember me???" So now, not only am I a vain blogger, I'm also a freaky Facebook stalker.

In his defense, he knows nothing about Facebook, and didn't realize the message would be next to my picture. But still. He could have announced himself. And as surprising as it may seem, he (I) haven't received any responses from his Facebooking forays.


So please - if you ever view my profile and it starts talking about how wonderful, hot, or strange I am, TELL ME!!! And know I probably wasn't the author. In the meantime, I'm changing my password, and learning to log out.


Denys said...

Yeah! I 'm the first commenter! :) I remember reading Annie's profile and thinking you did a pretty good job on her! I will definintely tell you if I see some wierd stuff on your profile. I hope you can get some good revenge on them both! :)

Alison Wonderland said...

I still have Annie's password, just give me the go sign and I'm all over screwing with her.

Er, um I mean... oh hi Annie, I was just um, hey what's that over there?

Machen family said...

Oh, you and Annie would so not make it to the final of True Beauty, really it takes a truly beautiful person to not go in and mess with peoples profiles. I'm rating you a Joel on this one. Harsh I know, but you had to hear it from someone. Next time step up to the plate and be more like Julia, less beauty queen more true beauty queen.

Jen said...

Denys - Did you seriously see that?!! No one else has ever admitted to viewing either one of our fake profiles. It cracks me up that it's someone who's known us FOREVER!!

Alison - WAAAHaaaahaaaa... (That was supposed to be an evil sounding laugh - just so you know)

Machen - Don't even get me started on Joel - WHO JUST BEAT BILLY????!!!!! And with no explanation. I now hate that show.

Anonymous said...

I always log out, even if I am leaving the room for just a minute. There is no telling the amount of destruction my kids would do if they found themselves with access to my blog.

Although my oldest son does know my facebook password, since he's the one who set up my account. But I'm sure the worst thing he would do would be to add haha after every post.

Stephanie said...

That's pretty funny, our husbands sound alike in all of this. Kevin has done the same to me.

Barbaloot said...

You're lucky I don't know your password, or I'd probly do the same thing. I just created a new facebook profile for one of my brothers---that he actually uses a lot now. He just hasn't realized that I listed his favorite band as Backstreet Boys and his About Me says that his little sister is the coolest person ever.

LisAway said...

Oh, I remember that little interchange from when I first started reading your blogs. You guys are hilarious.

If I ever see something funny on your profile I will consider letting you know about it.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I think our husbands would be best friends. He uses my face ALL THE TIME to look up old mission companions.

"hey whats up"

No capitilzation, punctuation, or explanation.

Holy embarrassing.

Jen said...

G in B - SERIOUSLY!! Are they thinking that this is a good way to reconnect?

Nice to know I'm not alone.

Natalie said...

Too funny! I wonder what Rusty's friends were thinking about "your" comments? Probably "Cool, some hot chick said hi to me!"

T said...

I guess I should be thrilled that my hub refuses to go anywhere near my facebook... apparently he was a loser back in the day because he doesn't want to find any of his old chums. (only losers would have "chums" instead of friends/pals or buddies right?)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah

Oh, I guess I could have just said ROTFLOL.

Anjeny said...

Funny relatives you got there..very sneaky. I think you should put a password on your window so even if you're logged on your blog or facebook, you hubby can't get on, that is if he doesn't know your password and are getting on your stuff while you are still logged on.

This is a very funny post. Thanks for the laugh.