Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Amazing Self Control (which totally deserves to be rewarded at the earliest opportunity)

I've been living in the same house as a milk chocolate Symphony Bar for over 48 hours.

And it's still intact. But only because it's not the kind with toffee. My self control only goes so far, after all.

I bought it on (Black) Friday to send in my MIL's birthday package, thinking I could have it out of the house by Saturday morning at the latest. Unfortunately, sending the package requires several other things - like letters/pictures from my kids, school pics of my kids, and other little birthday-ish things - and Saturday was so busy I never got around to any of it.

And it's just sitting there staring at me. And I refuse to eat it, because it's not really mine. It's my MIL's. And I should have a LITTLE self-control. Considering the fact that I've managed to fall asleep TWO TIMES with the stupid thing calling my name is really pretty good for me. Let me just put it into perspective for you:

If I were Edward, the Symphony Bar would be my Bella. My husband (who would be thoroughly disgusted with me for losing control and eating his mother's gift) practically had to physically restrain me earlier.

If it had toffee chips in it, I would have overpowered him.

In fact, the only thing keeping me from the offending piece of chocolate right now is the fact that it is void of toffee. Well, that and the knowledge that tomorrow, at the earliest opportunity, I will go buy myself one (with toffee) and eat it alone so I don't have to share a single bite.

Maybe I should go to bed early so tomorrow comes a little faster. (And I'm seriously salivating RIGHT NOW just thinking about it. Like when Edward talks of his mouth "filling with venom"...) (And I can't believe I'm actually using a Twilight analogy. I didn't even love the books the way I was supposed to - being LDS AND female...)

So, farewell until tomorrow - and the long awaited and totally deserved chocolate attack. You know where I'll be (in a closet), and you know what I'll be doing (inhaling Symphony Bar).

Try not to be jealous. (Or better yet, go get your OWN Symphony Bar!)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Rebel

I didn't eat any turkey. Or gravy. Or potatoes.

And it wasn't because I was dieting.

I seriously don't know what happened to me this year! I went to my sister's house with my other sister, and a few assorted acquaintances, and there was a HUGE spread of food. What threw me off? To those who know me well, this will come as no surprise - over half the available entrees were dessert.

I was afraid. Afraid that if I wasted precious room in my stomach digesting boring old turkey/gravy/potatoes, I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate all those wonderful desserts.

Especially after all the snacky food I ate while waiting for the actual feast.

My first trip through the line was for my two year old, and I dutifully put all the appropriate things on her plate - while looking longingly at the desserts. She sat on my lap while she ate, and I helped her pick at her food - thinking of the cheesecake the entire time.

Finally it was my turn to eat. My strategy wasn't premeditated, I swear. I picked up my plate, moved towards the potatoes, planned on a big spoonful - but somehow breezed right past. Same thing for the turkey. And the stuffing. And the gravy. (Obviously. Who wants straight gravy?)

Before I knew it, I was putting a large helping of this yummy pudding-with-real-raspberries dessert on my plate. Then I grabbed a few of those (totally sinful, and EXTREMELY buttery) crescent rolls my sister made. Then I went for the cheesecake. I was the first one there. Same with the pumpkin.

Are you visualizing the food on my plate? Dr. Atkins would have had a stroke! I had every available carb (sans potatoes), and a sampling of every sweet treat on my FIRST plate.

I'm such a rebel. (Good things my kids didn't notice. Especially my oldest, because I'd made him put down his first plate when all he'd dished up was dessert. Wonder where he gets it?)

I would also like to publicly declare that I do not regret my actions. I know I laughed in the face of tradition, but it was worth it. There's no way I could have downed that much dessert if I'd done my turkey-duty, and that would have been a real shame. And while my Thanksgiving diet was completely void of protein, just think of all the calories I saved! Because seriously - I would have eaten the same amount of desserts anyway.

It just would have made me a little sicker to do it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Results...

As many of you know (or have figured out), I love limericks. Why? Because it fascinates me to see all the different combinations of words that can go together in the same format to say similar things so many different ways. Just think about it - you could put a thousand people in a room, have them all write a limerick about the same topic, they could all come up with something, and no two would be the same.

Like I said, fascinating.

But before I get any farther ahead of myself, I must acknowledge our reigning champion Lisaway (aka, the American in Poland), who won the last competition (topic: housework) with this fabulous limerick:

My house is one big laundry pile.
Well, there's two, but they each stretch a mile.
There's "dirty" and "clean"
(and some in between)
You'd never know underneath there is tile!

And let me just say that we had some pretty fascinating entries this time around! (If you missed the competition, go here and check out my comment box). It was very hard to choose, so I'm going to post three that made me laugh out loud. The first was by McFarland. I loved this one - it puts such a "glass half-full" spin on the joys of over-holiday-eating, while tying in a little bit of the diet-gospel as well:

I love eating all of my dinner
It makes me feel like a winner
A winner of what?
A big, jiggly butt!!
But does this make me a sinner?

Didn't that crack you up?! The next one is by Annonymous Jim Pettit (who has no blog), and all I can say is that his three entries were a scream. I have no idea what brought him fortuitously to my blog at the time of my limerick contest, but I sure hope he happens along for the next one! I had a hard time choosing a favorite between his three entries, but finally settled on the following:

Oh, this incline I'm on has me huffing!
It's steep, and my lungs are a-puffing!
I need oxygen! Prayers!...
What? It's only some stairs?!
(Note to self: need to lay off the stuffing.)

And I happen to know that several other people are giving him their vote. (Then again, several people are voting for McFarland, so how to choose?) Moving on, however, is my third pick. This one I love for personal reasons. It's my sister Annie's entry, and it so perfectly describes our holiday-feast attitude that I can't ignore it. If any of you want to visualize Annie or me at any feasting occasion, read on:

I gorge on sweet yams and cooked stuffing
So full that I'm huffing and puffing
I think I might die
Until someone yells, "Pie!"
I roll back in, stopping at nuffing.

This is so me.

Just for kicks, I'm going to throw in the Hubby's number one pick - especially since it was also one of my favorites. It was an early entry by another annonymous male, Doug998. I love his creative meter! Not easy to do in a limerick, and definitely worthy of a little spotlight:

So, my doctor is finally sending
Me back to the gym. Now I'm wending
My way there. I'm keen
On a favourite machine ...
(It's the one that does nothing but vending).

But how to choose? This is the hardest contest to judge so far, because all four of these reached out and grabbed my funny bone. There's actually several more I could have included, but I have to narrow it down somehow!

And then there's the sad fact that poor Doug998 and Jim won't even be able to appreciate the (lame) privilege of being on my sidebar. Then again, there's still the World Title... That may come in handy on their resumes in this lovely econimic climate we're having - so who's to say?

Annie, of course, already has her own place of honor over there, so what good would it do her?

And I actually do think that McFarland's got the loudest actual laugh out of me, so...

YOU WIN MCFARLAND!!!! Please, please, try to contain yourself, I know you're excited (and no doubt hyperventilating - anyone have a paper bag for the poor girl), but it's true, you really have won the highly coveted title of "The World's Greatest Limerick Writer EVER!!!"

You must be so proud.

It's like Christmas in November! Too bad you'll have nothing left to wish for...poor girl...

And I promise I'll get you posted over there within twenty-four hours, so just try to be patient. (I know it's hard).

Thanks again everyone, I loved every entry! And I'd also love to hear which limericks appealed to all of you the most too, if you want to let us know (and give more people the credit they deserve) leave a mention in my comment box. And never fear - I'm sure it won't be long until you'll all have a chance to try once more for that elusive title (and lame spot on my sidebar), so make sure you don't miss it!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

The End.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get Ready To Limerick! Yes, YOU could win a world title (just think of putting that on the resume!) For more info, read on...

So, with all this talk about holiday food, and holiday diets, I've decided it's time for a....LIMERICK CONTEST!!!!

That's right, another shot at a spot on my illustrious side bar, and the title of "The World's Greatest Limerick Writer Ever!" I know, it's been awhile, and I'm afraid if Lisa goes any longer unchallenged, it might go to her head. Then again, she may hold onto the just.Never.Know. So let's talk about the rules:

1. Five lines.

2. Lines 1,2,5 have to rhyme.

3. Lines 3,4 have to rhyme.

4. In case anyone is wondering, all lines can rhyme.

5. If you aren't sure of the meter, read the limericks on my sidebar, or the ones I'm no doubt going to dash off a little farther down in this post.

6. You DO get points for making me laugh, and you DEFINITELY get points for having a good meter.

More about the topic. Anything that has anything to do with tempting holiday treats, trying to not eat food, craving food you can't have, exercising to justify food you gave in to, or anything else that in any way correlates with dieting, holiday food, food-in-general, exercise, etc, goes. Let me kick this thing off, and get you all warmed up with a few limericks of my own...

Why is it a Holiday diet
Sends my cravings into a riot?
Pies, pastries and roast,
I love them all most,
The only hope for my mouth is to tie it.

Get it? Tie it shut? If only that were an option. Let's try for another one.

On my stupid treadmill I run
To make up for my holiday fun.
I ate that whole pie
And I think I might die,
By New Year's I'll have put on a ton!

Or how about,

I love thinking of Holiday food
It puts me in such a good mood!
A month worth of eats,
All kinds of good treats!
To not eat it would simply be rude.

And I'd never want to be rude. So there you go, have at it, and write me some good limericks. Contest will be open until Wednesday night, and if I get a chance I'll post some highlights between now and then. Leave your entries in my comment box, and multiple entries are definitely okay - enter as many times as you want.

Well what are you waiting for? Go write a limerick!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Doing What I'm Told...

The other day I posted my not-getting-fat-during-the-holidays plan over on Skinny Pants, but not very many of you made it over there, and I've had several people tell me I should post it over here, so I am.

Good thing they didn't tell me to go jump off a bridge...

If you've already read it, I apologize, if you love giving yourself a reason for that January diet, you are excused, and if you're curious, read on:

Holiday Strategy for the Battle of the Bathroom Scale

So, it's November - aka "The Most Critical Time of the Year." Well, for me and any of you hoping to hold steady (or maybe even gain some ground) in that annoying battle with the bathroom scale. At this time every year I put the battle strategy into play, and get ready to come out victorious on New Year's. And just so you know, this plan is geared ENTIRELY around eating Holiday food, and avoiding goody-deprivation at all holiday food gatherings.

And it never fails me.

Just thought some of you might be interested.

I really should have posted this right after Halloween - since I always get things started at the beginning of November - but I was too busy not thinking about Halloween candy to organize my thoughts... But better late then never, right?

So, the plan. The strategy. It all revolves around advanced planning and preemptive striking. In other words, lose now, gain later, and it all comes out in the wash.

I know, I know, you're thinking, "Like it's that easy to just 'lose now.' If I could do that I already would have. Duh." But just hear me out. This is all about mind power, and is totally doable. I swear. Why? What magic formula will make it easier to lose this time? Motivation. Hanging before you every day from now to Christmas, are all those goodies. The feasts. The cookies. The party foods and appetizers constituting a meals worth of calories in a single bite. All the foods you know you'll want to eat, and should be able to eat because it's Christmas. Do you really want to be the one at the party saying "Well, that hot, steamy, overly cheesy, completely delicious looking, and divine tasting artichoke dip looks great, but I'm really just into celery right now,"???

Trust me. You can do this. You can do anything for a couple of weeks and a big piece of guiltless-pumpkin-cheesecake, right?

So here's the goal. Lose at least two (solid, meaning more than just water weight) pounds before Thanksgiving, and then again before Christmas. And here's the plan to accomplish it.

1. Pick your most favorite eating time of the day and leave it alone (meaning, eat as usual, no suffering necessary). You love breakfast? Fine. Lunch? Fine. Dinner? Evening snack? No problem. All of them? Pick one. And no complaining - it won't work if you're not willing to suffer at least a tiny bit.

2. Look at your two remaining meals, and usual snacks, and start sacrificing. Cut them in half, substitute with healthy/low-fat/low-carb/low-sugar/smaller portion/or-what-ever-it-is-that-works-for-you meals, grit your teeth, think about your favorite holiday treat and how you will guiltlessly consume a second helping, and bear it.

3. Add an extra gimmick just to kick start things. For instance, this year mine is "turn down one thing every day." Sounds so small, but I've given up an ice cream sundae (with LOADS of toppings, all you can eat), brownies (the plural because you know I wouldn't have stopped at just one), pastries, my late-night handful of milk chocolate chips, and a few other things just this week. Other years I've ditched sweet-treats altogether, or eaten one salad a day - whatever. Just pick some small thing and be strict. No cheating allowed.

4. If you have a party to attend, eat light all day to make up for it. (And don't go totally overboard when you get there. It's not Christmas YET). If you have to make goodies, go ahead and have some, but set your limit before they're done, stick to it, and get them out of the house fast. If someone brings you treats, eat them. Then skip dinner. (Well, that's what I do, but I suppose I shouldn't try to sell you on such obviously not-healthy strategies. But it does work...)

5. Look in the mirror at least three times a day (no complaining, if you've read this blog before you TOTALLY knew this would be part of the plan) and tell yourself you're going to be a skinny babe by Christmas.

6. Exercise is extra-credit.

7. When the morning of the big day comes (first Thanksgiving, then Christmas), save your calories up. For instance, have an apple for breakfast. Eat a pile of lettuce for lunch.

8. At the actual event? Enjoy yourself. Eat up. Gain back those two pounds all in one sitting if you want - you earned it. (Or, not. Besides, like you can gain two pounds of actual fat in one sitting. I personally believe one meal never hurt anybody).

I would just like to bear my testimony that everyone should get to eat at Christmas dinner without "watching what they eat." I also believe that gorging on good food for the entire holiday season is going over the top, and should be considered a diet-sin. I know that every woman has at least four weeks of solid diet-self-control in her - especially when the reward is turkey gravy, Christmas croisants, and chocolate trifle. I also know that my little battle strategy works for me, and will work for anyone who undertakes it with real intent. Losing two pounds is really not an impossible task. And you'll thank yourself on New Year's. In the name of Holiday Food, amen.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just In Case You Didn't Know...

Today is Tuesday.

NOT Wednesday.

Just though you might want to know, because no one told me until AFTER I dropped my child off at preschool. And went home. And was in the middle of blogging about my holiday weight-control strategy over on Desperately Seeking Skinny Pants.

Yeah. I felt cool. And smart, because there's nothing like NOT KNOWING WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK IT IS to make a person (especially a mom of young children) feel brilliant. This isn't my first calendar casualty either, sad as that is.

Wouldn't it have been even smarter if I hadn't found out until I showed up at the dentist office with the other two for their WEDNESDAY appointments? After getting them out of school?

Yeah, glad that didn't happen...

So now I'm gonna go and think about life, and sing the "Days of the Week" song my preschooler loves...and HOPE IT SINKS IN TO MY HEAD!!!

So have a nice TUESDAY everyone, Wednesday's TOMORROW.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Day My Stars Aligned Thanks to a Crash Test Dummy (and my mother)

I haven't shopped for clothes in a long, long, LONG, time. Those that know me will be shocked. This is not like me at all. Sometimes, however, the budget cramps my style, and I simply can't justify more clothes.

Did I mention how much I love clothes?

I love clothes. A lot. Especially Fall clothes.

I did go shopping last Fall - and I distinctly remember getting lots of cute things, and never feeling like I couldn't find something to wear. So now, considering that all of those exact same clothes are hanging in my closet, how is it that I suddenly have nothing to wear? Does this happen to anyone else? I see those clothes...I remember wearing them...even feeling cute in them... Yet they leave me completely uninspired now.

And they all look alike to me.

And I'm SURE some of them must be missing, because otherwise I'd be able to feel just as cute as I did last year, right?

But I don't.

Today I was sitting there thinking about trying to find something to wear to church tomorrow, and I got depressed. So I started thinking about shopping. And how I'd dropped a pound this morning. And how that was clearly a sign that the stars had finally aligned, and I was supposed to go to Ross.

Besides, my mom still owed me birthday money so I had fifty bucks to spend. Me+Ross+fifty bucks = at-least-enough-clothes-to-get-me-by-till-after-Christmas. The whole winter if the clearance racks are full and I don't count shoes...

And then I received divine confirmation that today I truly was destined to go shopping. Just as I called Hubby to let him know I was taking off when he returned, the mail came in. What do you suppose it had for me? Honestly, you'll never guess, so let me just tell you.

Remember Crash's little contest? The one where I won $50 for my little Sasquatch tale? Well, she'd emailed me to get my info, but I kind of didn't give it to her because I felt weird taking money from a stranger. What I didn't know, was that she is a woman bound by her word - and that she has amazing stalker-skills.

I got my $50 in the mail today. From Crash. With chocolate covered macadamia nuts, a pack of cards, a totally cute retro post card, and lots of little balloon foil thingies that went everywhere. And I have no idea how she got my address. (Well okay, I'm pretty sure I know her source, but still - very impressive).

Did I mention they were fifty one-dollar bills? My kids were totally awed by the wad of cash - and I chuckled all afternoon. Or should I say "All the way to Ross, Baby!"

It's been so long since I went shopping (my birthday in June, to be exact) that I was actually a little nervous I wouldn't know what to do when I got there. See, I have a system at Ross. If you give me an hour, I can walk away with an armful. I have a shopping uniform (cute jeans and a black t-shirt), a shopping pattern, a system for putting the clothes in the cart, and a system for trying them on (which has everything to do with the shopping uniform). I am like a machine in that place!

But I was on a time frame.

What if I couldn't do it anymore? What if I was only halfway through my cart when it was time to go? What if my time deadline made me so stressed out and flustered I missed all the super cute nice stuff, and ended up with the cheapo won't-last-after-one-washing junk I've sworn I'd never fall for again???

Can I just say that my game was ON?!

I rocked that store. The clearance racks were packed, the store was practically empty, I got my favorite dressing room (the one where you can see yourself in the community mirror with out actually leaving your room), and that lost pound made all the difference.

So thank you Mother, THANK YOU CRASH!!!, thanks to you lovely ladies I can finally stop setting my alarm thirty minutes early to allow for time to put together something to wear. I made a major haul today, my closet is packed with way cute stuff, and I didn't even have to touch my budget money. (Except for that really cute pair of {extremely necessary} brown shoes I was forced to put on my credit card. With maybe a couple other items. But don't tell).

Anyone want to place bets on whether or not I'll need to go shopping next Fall?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My "Moment"

I got a little teary eyed at the school today. It was one of those moments. I'm not exactly sure what we call this particular brand of "moment" but I'm sure others have experienced something similar.

Conan was at preschool, the other boys (obviously) were at school, and Meara and I had run into the elementary office to take care of some business. (Namely, turning in some important paperwork and paying the preschool bill - now that it's November. Did you know they actually will let your child attend school without birth certificates, shot records, or cash? Not forever, but at least until November...)

So anyway, Meara and I were just walking along. It was raining, and she was adorable, and I was helping her unwrap a piece of candy and thinking about nothing in particular, when I was struck by a fleeting - yet very vivid - memory.

All of the sudden, I remembered me. I was just starting to think about getting pregnant with my fourth and last child. I had dropped something off at the elementary school, and was walking back to my car. I looked up, and ahead of me walking across the parking lot, was a mom and her little girl.

The little girl was about three, and had long brown hair. She was adorable, and it was just her and her mom, doing nothing special - just walking along together.

A mom. And her little girl.

I got teary that day watching them. I think I got in my car and cried because I wanted a daughter SOOOOO bad, but didn't know if I would get one. I was trying so hard to prepare myself for the possibility of all boys, but I couldn't help coveting the experience of that mom, just walking around taking for granted the fact that there was a little person with long pigtails, wearing pink, (and not doing any fighting moves OR making any sound effects) skipping along behind her.

I wanted to be her, and I felt horribly guilty.

And today, there I was - at the elementary, doing nothing special - with my little girl. It was the most wonderful moment I've had in a long time. And in case your wondering, we may have been doing nothing, and we may have been together, but I was NOT taking it for granted. I am still so overwhelmed by the fact that Heavenly Father gave me my heart's desire, that I honestly can't get over it. Every single thing she does that proclaims her female warms my soul and reminds me of how much the Lord must love me.

Why else would He have sent me my Meara?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Blogging Verdict

Wow. You all should be totally "peaced out" by now, if you read my last post and followed the farewell instructions... That was like almost a week of peacing. You've probably never felt better. In fact - I may have changed your life!

I should get into blogging funks more often.

Actually, this last week has been a rather interesting experiment. You know how when you get sick you can't remember what it feels like to be well? Am I the only one who's noticed this? Or pregnant. You're about eight and a half months pregnant, and you really, truly, can NOT remember what it feels like to not be pregnant?

That's how I was feeling about blogging.

As many of you know, I didn't have internet access in my house until July. Of this year. Shocking, I know. Amazingly, however, we had managed to get by just fine with out it. Emailing me information wasn't always the smartest idea - especially if it was urgent - but otherwise, I (we) were pretty normal.

I really didn't know anything about blogs, except that Annie had one. I would occasionally read hers at my mother's, laugh, and wish I had a google account so I could rat her out on stuff, but that was about it.

Then came that fateful day, when I decided to go big, spend the dough, and get hooked up.

Within the week I was blogging.

At first, I thought that like Annie, I was supposed to blog every day. That lasted about one week. Then I regained my sanity, remembered my children, and toned it down to once every two or three days. I was still only reading a few blogs of close friends and family though, so my blogging world was very small.

Enter mormon mommy blogs.

Can we say total takeover? All of the sudden there were countless cool/funny/witty blogs out there, and not only was I finding them, they were finding me!! I comment, they comment, we comment - before you know it, I have some hysterical blog-friends from all over the place.

And I love to write. What could be better than having something to say (even if it's actually nothing but senseless drivel), putting it into words, and having all these people relate/validate/commiserate with you? Especially if you can occasionally make someone smile. To me, that's the greatest.

And in the faculty room, I can say cool things like "Yeah, I have a blogging friend who lives in Poland. She could probably find that recipe for you."

But then, there was the rest of the story. Like the part where you get on the blog to "check your comments" and enter the phenomenon of blog-time-warp. You know, the one where you SWEAR it's only been a half hour blog-time-warp time, but in the real world it's been two hours?

And there's the hungry/neglected/learning-to-fend-for-themselves children (because Mom is stuck in blog-time-warp and thinks it's only been two minutes since you asked for that sandwich). When they started pointing out my computer time, and making certain accusations (that I will not name, and which many of you have probably heard in your own houses anyway) I decided to take a little control of my blog-life.

Like a responsible adult, I imposed computer time constraints on myself, and have been pretty good at sticking to them - but still. Blogging took things over so fast and furiously, I felt like I was pregnant again. Pregnant with a blog post. I just couldn't remember what it was like to not have one rolling around inside me, waiting - demanding even - to be let out into the wonderful world of Blog.

And then there's the matter of my book. Yes, I am finally coming clean - before the blog, I was taking my creative energies out on a novel. It was coming along nicely before the blog. Now it's more like an orphan... kind of like my actual children...

So anyway, I began to have that feeling. That "what was my life like before the blog?" feeling. I really couldn't remember. Did I get more done? Was I a better mom? If I just stopped would life go back to normal, or would I miss blogging and feel a hole in my soul with out it?

Enter Blogging Funk.

I was at odds with the blog. There was no karma there. I could think of nothing to say, because I wasn't sure if I should keep saying something. So I stopped. For almost a week. The results? (I'm sure I have you on the edge of your seats...)

At first, it was like a big sigh of relief. The pressure (inflicted on myself, by myself) was lifted. I wasn't writing, so no one was commenting, so I didn't have to go look and see what they might have said, so I wasn't also going to see what else they said, and what everyone else said about that. Whew. I had fleeting thoughts about how people might abandon me if I went a week with out contributing, but I recklessly pushed these aside. (We'll see how that one turned out now, won't we?). After all, as of Wednesday... Thursday... EVEN Friday, I wasn't sure if I'd be blogging again anyway.

Then Saturday afternoon I looked around at my house.

Destroyed. Just. Like. Usual.

And I hadn't blogged for DAYS.

I smiled. I "Hmphed". I felt a little giddy.

It wasn't the blog after all! It was just me! I'm just a rotten keeper-up-with-the-messes-everyone-is-making-around-me kind of mom! I know I shouldn't feel so excited about this (I'm sure my husband wouldn't), but the verdict finally came in - blogging is okay!

I can blog.

Just not always three/four times a week.

And that's okay. (Right? You'll still love me???)

*Sigh* I feel much better. Now if they'd only let us access Blogger from work...

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Won!!

Yes, in case you're wondering, I WON THE CASH!!! (And a great big THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me too:). I really can't believe I finally won something. Now what should I do with all that cash...

Yet, strange to say (for someone coming off the high of winning big), I really don't feel much like blogging at all right now. I attempted to write about my house-cleaning funk, but it was a flop. I just couldn't manage to put into words what it's like to have the house you've spent all day on be destroyed every evening while you do piano lessons, homework, dinner, reading, baths, football taxi-ing, etc. I know exactly how Pat feels over there on her hamster wheel - since apparently I'm running around on one of my own.

And then I tried writing a post about child #2 getting sick this weekend. Yes, I thought it was the Halloween candy too - the first four times he threw-up. By round seventy-six, I'd changed my mind. I wanted to express the beauty of having a child old enough to graduate from the "bowl" to the toilet, but it was all just a little too graphic and throw-uppy, if you know what I mean. (But still, can I just say Hallelujah!?!? Talk about convenient! I tried to look sad for him, but really I was totally giddy at the thought that all I had to do was flush...)

Or I could tell you all about how Mr. Amazing Hubby totally cleaned and organized my catch-all room on Sunday. True, he was angling for points so he could head off into the mountains, but still. Shelves were assembled, furniture was rearranged, "stuff" was cleared out - it was enough to break through my house-cleaning funk, and today I even dusted. I know, amazing isn't it? I actually like that room again.

Unfortunately, however, none of these things are that interesting, and so I have nothing of any real value to write about. There are other ideas rolling around in my head...but they would all take an amount of mental effort I somehow just don't feel up to at the moment. Maybe this means I'm in a blogging funk? Is there such a thing?? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something amazing to say that will change all of your lives forever...

But until then, Peace Out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Halloween Candy Devil

So I've entered a pact with the devil. Not the Devil, just the little one who sits on my shoulder, looks just like me, and tries to compete with the little angel on the other side.

The subject matter?

Halloween candy.

If you have similar little friends on your shoulder, trying to persuade you to eat/not eat all that candy, I would love to have you follow me over to Skinny Pants today for a little motivation and commiseration.

I'll be eternally grateful, I swear!

P.S. FYI, there's still time to vote for me over on Crash's blog! (See last post for details). Did I mention I could win cash? Not enough to remodel my house or anything, but still!