Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Armpit Hair, Anyone?

So, as a general rule, body hair is not a very desirable thing. Unless you are a nine year old boy. Then, apparently, it's fascinating, and you really, really, really want some. Especially if your friend gets some first.

Liam, my nine year old, has a best friend. We'll call him B. B is a hilarious kid that is a kick to have around. B is seven months older than Liam, and is not what you'd call a skinny kid - but this totally adds to his charm. I have been hearing for a while about B's "armpit hair." Liam is completely awed by the fact that a kid his age could have already acquired such a thing. Several times now he has asked me to inspect his own armpits - just in case.

The other day I took the boys and B to the lake. They had a fabulous time swimming around and playing in the sand. Finally it was time to pack things up, and we got in the car and headed home. Niall, Liam and B are all sitting in the back seat as I hear (and watch via the rear view)the following conversation.

B: I have armpit hair.

L&N: Can we see? (in their "like totally cool! No way, dude!" voices)

Rear view mirror shows B proudly thrusting his armpits in the direction of my children's scrutinizing faces.

N: Wow, cool!

L: I think I'm getting some armpit hair!

Rear view mirror shows Liam hopefully displaying his armpits.

Some general conversation follows about different people and their armpit hair, until someone says:

"I know a kid who has armpit hair on his face!" followed by oooohs and ahhhs at the coolness of this statement.

How exactly do you follow a such a statement? I'm at a loss. I laughed all the way home. Since then, Liam has had me inspect his armpits, chest, and face. I had to disappoint him on all three accounts by describing the difference between "hair" and "fuzz". He rallied right back, however, and informed me that he has some "pretty good arm hair." I don't know, it looked pretty fuzzy to me. But he swears that when he gets out of the shower and rubs it with a towel it looks "Sooo hairy Mom!" Again, what can I say? Goooo Liam!

P.S. I told my mother this story, and like the fabulous grandma that she is, the next time she saw Liam the first thing she did was ask about his arm hair. He was thrilled.


Kelly said...

That is soooo funny! Wow, boys. Being a mom to a boy is a new experience, that's for sure. We are not anywhere near the cool arm pit hair stage. We have only just entered the 'mom, don't look at my privacy' stage. Can't wait for the next thing.

Kristin said...

oh I am laughing so hard right now. So maybe there is hope that my armpit hair is cool to someone - eewww, did I just say that?

by AnnieValentine said...

Hey, I have armpit hair too! That's what happens when your husband leaves forever.

Natalie said...

This is too funny! So, did B. REALLY have armpit hair? My boys have similiar conversations and even Lane at almost 12 doesn't have anything more than peach fuzz (although he thinks it's a moustache) They get really excited about zits too. LOL

Kerry said...

So cute, I am sure it is a cooler boy thing then a girl thing-at least I hope so? By the way, I don't know how to answer peoples questions but my french doors are replacing the sliders-two downstairs and one in the master. K

fox family said...

Very funny! My oldest is seven, so I have not yet experienced this phase.
By the way, I'm a friend of Annie's.