Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe - I Couldn't Wait, So Here We Go...

I know I said Sunday night, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to pick a name. The suspense (and indecision) were KILLING me. So here you go:

And the winner is......

Well, actually I didn't just "pick" a name. I couldn't decide. There were so many good ones that it began to overwhelm my indecisive nature, and I started to feel like I was in Baskin Robbins trying to choose a flavor. So I devised a plan.

At the actual Patch, whenever a new doll is born (grown? picked? de-lettuced?) they let the visitors name them, and sometimes take the two names from different people. So I decided that rather than just pick a name, I would take all the names I liked, first and middle, and write them individually on little pieces of paper, and then have Meara draw two names out of a hat. Here are the names that made the first cut:

Tallula, Diamond, Desiree, Princess, Priss, Daisy, Sky, and Tinsle.

But before I tell you the name, I have to answer Pat's question. Apparently, she's mistaken this blog for the Paul Harvey Show, and thinks I should tell "the rest of the story," aka, how my financially challenged parents managed to secure the doll, and what body parts they had to sell to do so. My mother, it turns out, agrees with her. She read Pat's comment and called me right up to give me the details, which I'll now pass on to you.

December, 1984. As previously mentioned (and already known by everyone anyway) EVERY parent with female offspring under twelve was desperate for a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. According to my mother, it wasn't that they were initially that expensive - $19.95, or something like that - it was that they were so unavailable. People who managed to secure one (or more) at regular price were turning around and making a bundle. Or acquiring new body parts. (So the legend goes...)

Well, it turns out my dad's ex-wife - who consequently wasn't/isn't that fond of my mother, OR my dad - was at some toy warehouse (don't ask me why), saw three Cabbage Patch dolls (there were three of us girls) and was apparently in an extremely charitable mood, because she called my mother to see if she was interested in buying them.

Who knew??

So I owe thanks to my dad's ex-wife for the Cabbage Patch doll my girl-child is currently loving and adoring. My own mother hadn't even considered the possibility of trying to locate and pay who-knows-what for one. The three found at the warehouse were at the regular retail price, so they really didn't cost my parents much at all.

(Sorry Pat, you were probably hoping for a little more sacrifice, starvation, or de-limbing than that. I do hate to disappoint - frankly, I'm a little disappointed myself, to tell you the truth. My years of guilt seem so unnecessary now).

And now, The Name:

(Drum roll, please)

"Desiree Sky"

Isn't that great?! I admit we also drew the name Sky Princess, but it seemed just a bit too regal, so I let Meara try again. And ironically, those were both names submitted by Natalie, compliments of her six year old daughter whom Meara loves and adores. Isn't that fitting? It's like Fate, really. Having a Fate-ish name just might make up for all the years of neglect, and help my old Cabbage Patch doll find a little peace and happiness in this world, don't you think?

So thank you Natalie, and thank you Brooke. You should both be soaring on an emotional high right now, due to this remarkable honor. It's almost like you went to Atlanta, Georgia, visited THE original Cabbage Patch, and named a newborn. And it was totally free.

Isn't Blogland amazing???

And thank you all for your submissions, Desiree totally appreciated your concern on her behalf. She thanks you, I thank you, Meara thanks you... And we'll all live Happily Ever After.

The End.


Machen family said...

Dagnabit! I was foiled again. I will win one of your contest one day! I know you did warn me in the previous post that it probably wouldn't make it, but I was holding on to hope.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

That really is such a cute name! How appropriate that a child named it! :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

That is awesome. Love the name. And thanks for quenching my curiosity. True it might have been more interesting if someone had to sell their breast implants, but still I thought it was a good tale anyway. And wait this isn't the Paul Harvey show?

Natalie said...

OMGoodness! We're honored... It's almost as great as having my very own baby again and going through the much loved naming process without the hassle of labor, and diapers, ans late night feedings!

Oh, and Brooke was very proud too but when I asked her if she wanted me to type anything on her behalf she shook her head "No". So, I guess the official word is she has "No comment."

Jimh. said...

That's awesome! It's good to know the whole story...I was just dying to know.LOL! cute!

Kelly said...

Cute name and good story...if everyone out there really knew the people involved they would realize that for granpa's ex to actually call them to do some charitable act is as close to ripping off her own arm and throwing it away as one can get~then the significance of this act would take on new meaning. It did to me when I read that!

And the fact that she was at some toy warehouse getting good deals on toys does not surprise me one bit. Why do you think we always ended up with so much, that woman has a nose for deals.

jane said...

ok, you are hilarious!

you have a new loyal reader.


how did you change the little ditty above the comment form? genius!

I so miss everyone from my childhood...

{no one has EVER commented about my oldest daughter looking like me! We are not around anyone that's known me prior to me being about 20 years old...!}

Jen said...

Seriously Kel, if only they could understand the FULL significance.

Jane - welcome home to just a little piece of Elma/Monte! I'm sure it will be non-stop thrills;)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Awesome! Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday :) ♥ Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You MADE a decision and I totally agree with you ... I did like that you mentioned ONE of the names I put in your comments - :)