Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Day My Stars Aligned Thanks to a Crash Test Dummy (and my mother)

I haven't shopped for clothes in a long, long, LONG, time. Those that know me will be shocked. This is not like me at all. Sometimes, however, the budget cramps my style, and I simply can't justify more clothes.

Did I mention how much I love clothes?

I love clothes. A lot. Especially Fall clothes.

I did go shopping last Fall - and I distinctly remember getting lots of cute things, and never feeling like I couldn't find something to wear. So now, considering that all of those exact same clothes are hanging in my closet, how is it that I suddenly have nothing to wear? Does this happen to anyone else? I see those clothes...I remember wearing them...even feeling cute in them... Yet they leave me completely uninspired now.

And they all look alike to me.

And I'm SURE some of them must be missing, because otherwise I'd be able to feel just as cute as I did last year, right?

But I don't.

Today I was sitting there thinking about trying to find something to wear to church tomorrow, and I got depressed. So I started thinking about shopping. And how I'd dropped a pound this morning. And how that was clearly a sign that the stars had finally aligned, and I was supposed to go to Ross.

Besides, my mom still owed me birthday money so I had fifty bucks to spend. Me+Ross+fifty bucks = at-least-enough-clothes-to-get-me-by-till-after-Christmas. The whole winter if the clearance racks are full and I don't count shoes...

And then I received divine confirmation that today I truly was destined to go shopping. Just as I called Hubby to let him know I was taking off when he returned, the mail came in. What do you suppose it had for me? Honestly, you'll never guess, so let me just tell you.

Remember Crash's little contest? The one where I won $50 for my little Sasquatch tale? Well, she'd emailed me to get my info, but I kind of didn't give it to her because I felt weird taking money from a stranger. What I didn't know, was that she is a woman bound by her word - and that she has amazing stalker-skills.

I got my $50 in the mail today. From Crash. With chocolate covered macadamia nuts, a pack of cards, a totally cute retro post card, and lots of little balloon foil thingies that went everywhere. And I have no idea how she got my address. (Well okay, I'm pretty sure I know her source, but still - very impressive).

Did I mention they were fifty one-dollar bills? My kids were totally awed by the wad of cash - and I chuckled all afternoon. Or should I say "All the way to Ross, Baby!"

It's been so long since I went shopping (my birthday in June, to be exact) that I was actually a little nervous I wouldn't know what to do when I got there. See, I have a system at Ross. If you give me an hour, I can walk away with an armful. I have a shopping uniform (cute jeans and a black t-shirt), a shopping pattern, a system for putting the clothes in the cart, and a system for trying them on (which has everything to do with the shopping uniform). I am like a machine in that place!

But I was on a time frame.

What if I couldn't do it anymore? What if I was only halfway through my cart when it was time to go? What if my time deadline made me so stressed out and flustered I missed all the super cute nice stuff, and ended up with the cheapo won't-last-after-one-washing junk I've sworn I'd never fall for again???

Can I just say that my game was ON?!

I rocked that store. The clearance racks were packed, the store was practically empty, I got my favorite dressing room (the one where you can see yourself in the community mirror with out actually leaving your room), and that lost pound made all the difference.

So thank you Mother, THANK YOU CRASH!!!, thanks to you lovely ladies I can finally stop setting my alarm thirty minutes early to allow for time to put together something to wear. I made a major haul today, my closet is packed with way cute stuff, and I didn't even have to touch my budget money. (Except for that really cute pair of {extremely necessary} brown shoes I was forced to put on my credit card. With maybe a couple other items. But don't tell).

Anyone want to place bets on whether or not I'll need to go shopping next Fall?


Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is so awesome! The Dummy totally rocks. I love her. Anyway, I'm still wondering how she got your address. An all-knowing Crash Test Dummy, perhaps?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! I love Ross too! And I am uninspired after a year(or 3-6 months) of all the adorable clothes I buy at Ross too. And I love that dressing room too.

I am so happy you got your prize money just in the knick of time. How cool is that! And I'm so happy you'll be looking and, more importantly, FEEEEELING beautiful today at church. Which is probably where you are right now.

Glad you got the brown shoes. I won't tell.

And it's just darn lucky you have a sister in the blogashphere. That's all I'm saying.

*MARY* said...

When you blog about clothes shopping I think you're supposed to post pictures of the spoils.

I'm definitely entering Crash's next contest. I'm tired of shopping for clothes at grocery stores.

McFarland Family said...

Budgets always kill me. I haven't shopped in a VERY long time.

home sweet home said...

Just found your delightful and funny blog...I'll be sure to come back and visit again.

Pat said...

Yahoo for shopping and surprise money from heaven (or crash) Sounds like a great day. And I agree we need a fashionmentary of you loot. And I agree with crash I am glad you got the brown shoes.

Happy dressing every day!

Melissa Bastow said...

Is it bad that I haven't gone shopping for myself in like....ummmm...still tallying up the time.....7 YEARS?!! Well, except for the occasional item to add to my "fat clothes" collection, which I refuse to buy but sometimes I'm forced so I have to just get one thing, but then totally hate it. That's bad, right?

Jen said...

Everyone - I love you all. Especially for validating the shoes. And I'd love to put up pictures, but currently I can't put ANY (as in not a single one) pictures on my computer or it will crash - which would seriously hamper my blogging ability.

Melissa - That is bad. We need to go shopping together. Cute clothes are just the medicine you need!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

You got foil things that went everywhere? Dang...I knew I should have totally cheated and vote for myself like 10 more times...

But it looks like you did PRETTY good for you lost a pound and I can't fault a girl for that! :)

I'm glad you had a good day at ROSS...I freakin' love that store! ;)

Natalie said...

I can attest that the clothes I've seen so far look really cute. That's so funny that Crash hunted you down. I'll have you go shopping with me after I've lost another 15 lbs.

Alison Wonderland said...

So what you're saying is that what I rwally need to do is wait until you come out here to visit your sister and then have you both take me shopping and it will be some kind of Valentine family shopping perfect storm? I think I need that. I know I should but for some reason I can't do Ross. maybe you should come really soon. How's tomorrow?

LisAway said...

I loved that you haven't shopped in SO LONG, since last June. :)

I was going to come on and say that it's been three years for me, and then I was buying maternity clothes because it was my first winter pregnancy. SO FUN! What a blast.

I wanna come with you Valentine girls and Allison on your spree.

Annie Valentine said...

I hate it when you shop without me.

And you're welcome.

Jen said...

Lisa, we'd love to have you!

Annie - thanks.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Yeah for shopping! Do we get to see a picture fashion show?

Kristin said...

I am so proud, almost moved to tears and green with jealousy as well. Such a mix of emotions you bring out in me. oh and laughing, that was in there too. If you need a charity for last year's clothes K.D.'s is totally receiving donations...

Claire said...

I want money to arrive for me in the post. If any of you feel like making MY day,.. my address is -

A cave,


Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Fashion show, please. On your blog. I want pictures of the new outfit(s?) I need inspiration to go shopping this season...all exhausted by end of work day no energy to shop. BUT I need to because I'm looking so last year. Maybe if I see all the cute stuff you got I will be motivated.