Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Results...

As many of you know (or have figured out), I love limericks. Why? Because it fascinates me to see all the different combinations of words that can go together in the same format to say similar things so many different ways. Just think about it - you could put a thousand people in a room, have them all write a limerick about the same topic, they could all come up with something, and no two would be the same.

Like I said, fascinating.

But before I get any farther ahead of myself, I must acknowledge our reigning champion Lisaway (aka, the American in Poland), who won the last competition (topic: housework) with this fabulous limerick:

My house is one big laundry pile.
Well, there's two, but they each stretch a mile.
There's "dirty" and "clean"
(and some in between)
You'd never know underneath there is tile!

And let me just say that we had some pretty fascinating entries this time around! (If you missed the competition, go here and check out my comment box). It was very hard to choose, so I'm going to post three that made me laugh out loud. The first was by McFarland. I loved this one - it puts such a "glass half-full" spin on the joys of over-holiday-eating, while tying in a little bit of the diet-gospel as well:

I love eating all of my dinner
It makes me feel like a winner
A winner of what?
A big, jiggly butt!!
But does this make me a sinner?

Didn't that crack you up?! The next one is by Annonymous Jim Pettit (who has no blog), and all I can say is that his three entries were a scream. I have no idea what brought him fortuitously to my blog at the time of my limerick contest, but I sure hope he happens along for the next one! I had a hard time choosing a favorite between his three entries, but finally settled on the following:

Oh, this incline I'm on has me huffing!
It's steep, and my lungs are a-puffing!
I need oxygen! Prayers!...
What? It's only some stairs?!
(Note to self: need to lay off the stuffing.)

And I happen to know that several other people are giving him their vote. (Then again, several people are voting for McFarland, so how to choose?) Moving on, however, is my third pick. This one I love for personal reasons. It's my sister Annie's entry, and it so perfectly describes our holiday-feast attitude that I can't ignore it. If any of you want to visualize Annie or me at any feasting occasion, read on:

I gorge on sweet yams and cooked stuffing
So full that I'm huffing and puffing
I think I might die
Until someone yells, "Pie!"
I roll back in, stopping at nuffing.

This is so me.

Just for kicks, I'm going to throw in the Hubby's number one pick - especially since it was also one of my favorites. It was an early entry by another annonymous male, Doug998. I love his creative meter! Not easy to do in a limerick, and definitely worthy of a little spotlight:

So, my doctor is finally sending
Me back to the gym. Now I'm wending
My way there. I'm keen
On a favourite machine ...
(It's the one that does nothing but vending).

But how to choose? This is the hardest contest to judge so far, because all four of these reached out and grabbed my funny bone. There's actually several more I could have included, but I have to narrow it down somehow!

And then there's the sad fact that poor Doug998 and Jim won't even be able to appreciate the (lame) privilege of being on my sidebar. Then again, there's still the World Title... That may come in handy on their resumes in this lovely econimic climate we're having - so who's to say?

Annie, of course, already has her own place of honor over there, so what good would it do her?

And I actually do think that McFarland's got the loudest actual laugh out of me, so...

YOU WIN MCFARLAND!!!! Please, please, try to contain yourself, I know you're excited (and no doubt hyperventilating - anyone have a paper bag for the poor girl), but it's true, you really have won the highly coveted title of "The World's Greatest Limerick Writer EVER!!!"

You must be so proud.

It's like Christmas in November! Too bad you'll have nothing left to wish for...poor girl...

And I promise I'll get you posted over there within twenty-four hours, so just try to be patient. (I know it's hard).

Thanks again everyone, I loved every entry! And I'd also love to hear which limericks appealed to all of you the most too, if you want to let us know (and give more people the credit they deserve) leave a mention in my comment box. And never fear - I'm sure it won't be long until you'll all have a chance to try once more for that elusive title (and lame spot on my sidebar), so make sure you don't miss it!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

The End.


Jen said...

I just want to tell Natalie, Alison, and Steph that I'm SO SAD I didn't get to see their entries before I posted the results! There's some good ones in there - make sure you take a look!

Anonymous said...


I guess my limerick days are officially over. This must be what happens when you're brain has been off chocolate for too long...

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh but Sue, at least you had your day in the sun. And seriously, how can us mere mortal compete with the likes of Doug998 and Jim.
maybe I'll go have some rum. Or pie.

LisAway said...

Congratulations to MacFarland! Well done and deserved! And to answer the question in the closing line of the winning limerick, yes. It makes you a sinner, as gluttony is one of the cardinal sins. Unless you're not Catholic. Then you might be okay. Or Mormon, either because of the whole "moderation in all things" thing. But anyway I think there's some sort of dispensation from the sin of gluttony on holidays, so you're probably okay.

(Please be impressed with my knowledge of Catholic terminology: Catholic, cardinal, dispensation, gluttony, sin, etc.)

LisAway said...

Be sure to put McFarland (sorry I misspelled that previously) in your sidebar SOON as I feel a little like a thief still being up there.

And I think the theme for your next limerick contest should be "Catholic Terminology" and you're supposed to squeeze as many of those words as you can into your limerick.

And also maybe one time it would be fun to have all the submissions be anonymous and then your readers could vote and whoever wins will just come out and say that it was theirs. Honor system type thing.

Love these competitions!

McFarland Family said...

I can't believe it!!! Woohoo!! I am So honored! Really these are fun.
Thank You!!

Machen family said...

Congratulations McFarland! Your limerick summed up my Thanksgiving to a T.

Jen said...

Sue - once a limerick champ, always a limerick champ. You better be back for the next one!

Alison - If you want your day in the sun, you must show up before it sets! Next time pay attention, because your limericks were fab.

LisAway - I'm so impressed with your Catholic terminology. And I do think the anonymous thing is an interesting idea...would you all have as much fun if you weren't getting credit?

Annie Valentine said...

I never win your contests. Always a bridesmaid...