Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ten Jen Quirks

1. I like to burst into song (usually some old, unheard of song) at the slightest provocation. Like the word "If". Or the word "when". Any old word will do, I have a song for most of them.

2. Spontaneous dancing is also possible. Mostly, I prefer the lame-o moves from dance class when I was 11. I suggest doing this in front of your children a lot if you are worried they might think you are too cool. Their response will assure you, you have NOTHING to worry about.

3. I enjoy eating in restaurants. Alone. Ideally with a book so people aren't quite as aware that I am eavesdropping on their conversations.

4. Apparently eavesdropping is one of my quirks. Pseudo-reading so I can listen to the high schoolers' hilarious/sometimes pathetic conversations is also a favorite past time. (I'm a substitute high school teacher).

5. People always accuse me of eating weird things. Like refried beans on a toasted bagel. It's good people! And chicken hearts. Boil them with an entire sweet onion (cut into big chunks) for about two hours - delicious. I really don't care if I can see the ventricles. It's all about taste, baby.

6. As my dear sister Annie has already mentioned (it's a favorite theme of hers), I can be a little fanatical about certain things. Like unpopped kernels in my microwave popcorn. And leftover hair in hairbrushes. And people taking proper care of boardgames. I love how this makes me sound a little OCD. This is soooo not the case, and people who know me are probably laughing right now at the mere possibility that anyone would ever think I was.

7. I have some weird ideas about food. Like, it's better to eat an entire box of chocolates in one sitting (even if it has multiple layers) than over a period of days (or weeks), because there's no way your body can possibly absorb all that fat at once anyway. Most of it is bound to move right through. It's alright to take a few short breaks, however, as long as you get right back to the chocolate.

8. Thanks to a brief period of my life when the only available channel was the outdoor channel (my husband LOVED this), I can tell you all about turkey calls.

9. I love to drive tractors. Especially if it means doing something fun, like spreading manure around.

10. I think cow manure (the kind dotting a field and slowly drying in the sun, not so much large collections of sloppy pee-poo) smells kind of good. When I was in college, this smell was one of my favorite things about coming home in the spring.

Thanks McFarland, for the tag. I tag Natalie, Kristen, and Laura. Ten quirks about you, Ladies!


McFarland Family said...

Love your quirks.
Annie will also bust out into song.
#7, the theory of eating the bad/yummy stuff all at once, is also a theory I practice.
Thanks for sharing.

The Raybould Family said...

I'm new to your blog. Saw it off Mormon Mommy Blogs.

Your quirks made me laugh. Although, the chicken heart.. eeeewwww.

But the tractor part intrigued me. What state are you located in? Oh... I guess I could do some looking around and find out.

Melissa Bastow said...

I'm totally going to buy a big box of chocolate right now - and then eat it all RIGHT NOW, because wow do you have a great chocolate eating theory!!

The Raybould Family said...

Very cool. I grew up in south eastern washington. My family owns a dairy farm and I worked mostly on the farm driving a tractor or swather or truck during harvest. I married a potato farmer :) I don't know if you've heard of Othello. Small. Very small, but near Moses Lake.

Kristin said...

You so had me at chicken hearts - had me wretching and wanting to vomit, then you spread "icing" on the cake invoking the smell of manure. Thanks. You are seriously the mother of boys and need to get out more. The next time one of my guys says, "why would people eat pigs feet?" I'm going to say, go ask Miss Jenny. She probably does.

The Raybould Family said...

Haha, Royal City.. too funny. Royal was in our Stake. Do you mind if I ask who your uncle was? If you want to email me, you can. Whitneykathleen @ gmail . com. I have quite a bit of family in Royal.

Stephanie said...

We are more alike than I suspected. Except for the smell of cow poo and the refried beans on a bagel. I'm open to the latter, though. :)

Barbaloot said...

Wow---I have never had the guts to eat alone in a restaurant! I'll have to try the book thing and see if I can overcome my fears.

And I can totally relate to the board game thing. There's little compartments in the box for a reason!

by AnnieValentine said...

Notice how most of your quirks revolve around food?

Carol said...

I adore eavesdropping. So entertaining!

Very funny quirks Jen.

Anonymous said...

Just as I was starting to think we were kindred spirits, you had to share that tasty little tidbit about ...chicken hearts. And (gulp) ventricles? ARE YOU KIDDING???!!!

I understand about the sentimentality of cow manure, though, since I grew up in Clover Cow Country. And, even though my hometown is considered the Chicken Capital of North America -- no joke, we were the "Mighty Bantams" in junior high --I still can't get over the chicken hearts.