Sunday, September 7, 2008

Contest, Anyone??? There's a (lame) Prize!!!

Okay all you writer-girls out there - it's Contest Time! I had so much fun writing those stupid limericks (see side bar), and now new ones have been running through my brain constantly. So, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of blogging/comment-limericks all you blogbabes out there could come up with.

Here's the rules:

Limericks have five lines.
Lines 1,2,5 rhyme, and lines 2&3 rhyme.
As for the meter, it's pretty self-explanatory. Just read mine and you'll get the picture.
Subject matter has to have something to do with blogging/comments/commenting.

Unfortunately, I have very little to offer as a prize that would be of any value. But I do have something (hold onto your hats, it's pretty pathetic). I will post the winner's blog - with snippet of latest post - in their own window on my sidebar. And I'll include their status as the world's greatest limerick writer. And I'll post the winning limerick for all the world to see.

Really hoping more than my Fab Five get involved here - they already exist on my sidebar! Where's the challenge in that? So to all the rest of you - please beat Annie on this one, she gets enough blogging-fame as it is.

Oooo, maybe I'll pick the top four entries, and put a poll up? (Like anyone would vote, right?) But still, just in case they did, wouldn't that be fun???

Have I ever mentioned that I'm really kind of a dork? Wanted to make sure you were all aware that I am already aware of this fact. But I love contests.

Kind of wish I could enter myself. But that would be tacky, so I won't.

Leave your entries in the comments for all to see - and if anyone has opinions on whose they like, by all means let us know!

On your mark... Get set... Goooooo!!!!!


by AnnieValentine said...

Please comment on my latest post
It means that I'll like you the most
I'm easy to please
All comments appease
And I promise, no "virtual" roast

All of us want to be heard
We blog and we read every word
Our necks are all tight
from writing all night
Our husbands must think we're absurd

I blog to avoid doing chores
And sometimes my husband who snores
It's a blessed escape
Like a good VHS tape
Preferably not one that bores

Come on, it's late. This has to count for something.

Jen said...

Blogging for me is obsession,
An outlet for every confession,
A way to spend time
Without making a dime
While unemployed during the Recession.

Found you through MMB. Fun contest.

Anonymous said...

I love contests! And the lamer the prize, the better! So here goes...

We're addicted to blogging, it's true
Whether writing 'bout old stuff or new
Our lives all depend
On comments from friends
Or strangers who like what you do!

So how did I get so addicted?
My fingers are really inflicted
Carpal Tunnel's no joke
My keyboard is ... broke
And my grammar is really restricted.

Let's all be lame together!

Laura said...

Lame Limerick

I spend all that time on my blog,
Slaving away like a dog.
When comments don't come
My mind just goes numb
And I sit like a bump on a log.

Jen said...

You girls rock - carpal tunnel? Recessions? I love it.

Loved yours Laura - thanks for playing!

Annie - you know I loved the VHS line...

You're ALL in the running!

Kpetes-draggin said...

I don't even care about the prize I just love to rhyme-my Christmas tradition is my only outlet so far. By the way you all did so well, you might think some of us are related or something? Ha

Ode to the Blog
Come visit my blog and read my post
It's easy to do while you are eating your toast
If you've stopped by,and left on the sly
How will I know you were there?
Just leave me a comment,
a small one will do,
Let me know you stopped by
I will visit you too.

Natalie said...

Cleaning the house while children are growing,
is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing,
so instead I sit here and blog,
getting fat as a hog,
loving life when your comments are showing.

Sure I have other things I could do,
but I would much rather visit with you,
I tell you my stories,
my shames and my glories,
you say if I make you laugh or just spew.

I'm a person who just loves to talk,
say hi and find that your blog I'll stalk,
leave one comment for me,
soon 10 comments you'll see,
until my name from your blog you'll block.

Natalie said...

Okay... been thinking of these all day now...

If I seem just a little bit tense,
it's because I can't take the suspense,
you see what you say,
is my only payday,
I love my internet audience.

All day long I keep logging back in,
to see if anyone has shared their opinion,
I don't care what you write,
I'm losing sleep at night,
checking for comments again and again.

Scandalous, disturbing, shocking,
you can say just about anything,
who cares if you have tact,
on the net you can't get smacked,
I'm just happy that you're commenting!

by AnnieValentine said...

Had to add a few more:

Natalie is the best message leaver
Better than any June Cleaver
She always stops by
To laugh or to cry
She's surely a true blog believer

Jenny's a blogaholic
Good thing her kid doesn't have colic
She sits and she writes
Long days and long nights
She needs to get out and go frolic

Barbaloot said...

I really don't know how to do this,
I'm sure something's already amiss
but you visited me
and I want you to see
that I'm glad you're on the MMB list.

Wow-that was pathetic. But really-glad you found my blog so I could find yours:) And thanks for agreeing with me about 90210. I'm afraid I may have offended some people with my opinion.

Whitney Keith said...

The internet I do not buy
So I use it when I'm on the fly
While feeding my son
I get my blog done
How multi-tasking am I?

Whitney Keith said...

I'm the blogger, you love to hate
I stay on this thing very late
Reading blog after blog
There is nothing I log
So you have no idea how you rate :)

See I know I am not good at leaving comments although I am trying to get better :)

Kpetes-draggin said...

to comment in prose, like a rose, too sweet for some to enjoy
but it is fun and so we come
forward but not to annoy,

We tell the tales of our lives,
housework, husbands, kids and more,
What we say, some might think,
is really just a bore

We write away-through rain and fog
against the mighty odds
We hope you'll read our heatfelt words-The purpose of our blog

Natalie said...

Man, there are some GOOD limerick leavers here. I'm loving carpal tunner lady and Whitney's multi-tasking is pretty great too...

BTW, Annie, I beg to differ. June Cleaver would probably be cleaning her house rather than blogging. But thanks! LOL

Jen said...

So Annie and Natalie have an edge because they have obviously got limericks on the brain. Thanks girls! Love your entries.

And thanks to those of you who stopped by just for the contest, I am having so much fun with this.

There's still 24 hours until I close this contest - how about some more competition from the rest of you??!!

Anonymous said...

Today I promised myself
The computer would stay on the shelf
But I just had to see
If the winner was me
Don't make us wait 'til the twelfth!

(Okay, I know tomorrow is the tenth, but that doesn't rhyme. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement, right? I'm not sucking up, I promise!)

Tana said...

I couldn't come up with anything. But these are great. Okay if I steal for my blog? You all are so creative. Love the blogs!

Jen said...

Never fear soyandrue - your carpal tunnel limerick is totally in the running!

by AnnieValentine said...

Okay, Soyandrue has my vote (even though I love myself and think I should win every contest ever).

Kpetes-draggin said...

by the way, my second one got messed up and posted before I caught a couple errors. I hate it when that happens. How do you remove a post-especially on someone elses blog???