Sunday, September 28, 2008

And the New Limerick Champ of the Planet We Call Earth Is...

Can I just say that we have some amazing limerickers out there?! This was a really hard one to judge because so many were so good. First we have our reigning champ Sue, from The Quack Shack, who turned out two fine limerick specimens. They are both worth a looksy, and qualified as contenders:

When doing laundry, I've cried,
"Oh, help! Your tips, please confide!"
Whites don't go with peach
Stay away from the bleach
Lest everything comes out tie-dyed!

I hang out my clothes on the line
The sun dries them crispy, but fine
I'll save a few dimes
But spend so much time
Hunting socks that aren't even mine.

Love the tie-dyed line! So original. The two that gave me the biggest laugh were from new contenders. This first one is from Lisa over at Away From It All, and here it is:

My house is one big laundry pile.
Well, there's two, but they each stretch a mile.
There's "dirty" and "clean"
(and some in between)
You'd never know underneath there is tile!

What a great visual! And the other funny girl new to our contest is Alison Wonderland. This one has one of my favorite openers:

My daughter just puked on her sheet.
The baby, his diapers they leak.
Which leaves me in a quandary,
I refuse to do laundry,
But my house it is starting to reek.

Can I just say that I've been here??? These were both so fabulous, that I had to take a poll here at home to make my decision. As soon as I'd decide on one, I'd change my mind and be back to the other one. Finally, however, after several people weighed in, I managed to make my decision. And the winner is...

Lisa, from Away From It All!!!!! GOOOOO Lisa! I sure hope there was somebody there to catch her when she fell, because in her picture she looks tall. I'd hate to be responsible for injury over in Poland - I don't know if their medical facilities are up to snuff. (She'll have to let us know in her next post).

To the rest of you limerick writers, thanks for making me smile! I can't wait for an excuse to have another one!!


Kimberly said...

So glad Lisa won! 'Cause I know her so that makes me awesome by association, right? Woot!

Plus, hers made me laugh out loud - congrats Lisa!

Whitney R said...

Those were way better limericks then I ever could have come up with.

I just really honestly do do 9 different loads with just two people. So I limricked about that :)

Alison Wonderland said...

I demand a recount!

*MARY* said...


I know I didn't submit a limerick but still...

Jen said...

Kimberly - that totally makes you awesome. I mean, you already were, but now you're so cool your pants might freeze to your legs.

Whitney - every entry is valued here! And I was stunned to learn anyone would have to do that many loads for two. We'll see what happens when you have all those kids:)

Alison - I really hope you can get over this. I'd hate for it to permanently impair your amazing limericking abilities! It's hard I know, but try to keep loving yourself!

Mary - Where the heck WAS your entry? Huh, Huh??? I was WAITING! So disappointing.

Lisa said...

I really don't know what to say! I'm stunned. The competition was so stiff I never would have thought. . .

I'd like to thank Mrs. Fakler, my fourth grade teacher in whose class I learned an appreciation for fine poetry and the writing thereof.

Really, guys. I loved reading all your limericks. Thanks!

Alison Wonderland said...

The following is a public service announcement:

I, Alison Wonderland, would like to concede this race. I am aware that the numbers from the recount are not in. *Ahem* But in view of this difficult and already divisive time for our country, I do not want to put further strain on the psyche of the American (and Polish) people. And so at this time I would like to remove myself from the running and be the first to officially congratulate my worthy opponent, Loser, I mean Lisa.

Natalie said...

You ladies are hilarious, comic geniuses! Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Alison Wonderland is so put out... I'm the one that had a title to defend!

I think the real winner was Mrs. Fakler.

In my defense, I must say that my limericks were not up to literary par due to an unusually lengthy and dismal head cold, causing a temporary mind meld. I concede the honors to Lisa, with great pomp and circumstance. Will someone please hand me a tissue? And a cough drop?

Lisa said...

Thanks, Sue Q.

And not to be all, "Where's my prize!?!" or anything, but "WHERE'S MY PRIZE!?!" and everything?

I see your trick!! You're trying to rack up the comments by NOT adding me to your sidebar so I'll keep coming on here to remind you, and soon you'll have 3,000 visits a day, 99% of them from Poland, as well as hundreds of comments.

Or possibly you've been too busy to post it. Or you forgot. But I'm pretty sure it's the trying to get comments thing.

Jen said...

Tonight Lisa, I promise!!!

And Alison, that was very big of you to concede the race. Maybe you and Sue can hang out and console each other.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I'm so thrilled Lisa won, because she is one of my favorite people to follow and she is definitely deserving! Yaye, Lisa!