Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Day Laundry Made Me Smile

I just want to announce the discovery of a surprising new therapy.

Limericks on laundry (as amazing as it may sound) written by blogger buddies you may not even know, make a person suffering from emotional stress and fatigue feel remarkably better. The suffering individual may even smile, chuckle, or (if the limerick has both perfect meter, and witty rhyming) induce actual laughter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And please don't stop now - you have until tomorrow (Sunday) night to compose your entries. Just think how many unhappy, stressed out people you may unwittingly help by your submissions! Who knows what kind of emotional basket cases may read my blog (after all, they say like attracts like, and I am DEFINITELY feeling rather baskety this week!)

So thank you again, you really have brightened my weekend!


Whitney R said...


Lisa said...

I love them too! The first time I came here I love those you have in your side bar. When I saw your contest I was all, Um, not for me. But I forgot how fun they are to make up! And I keep coming back to read everyone else's limericks and decide to leave another. And another.

Thanks for that! I think I'll singlehandedly double your hits because I keep coming to read the poems!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Jen, if I wasn't so limerick-challenged I would definitely contribute to the cause to cheer you up. Alas, I'm no good at it. I tried to come up with one to participate and it was horrible. But I like reading entries! I'm good at reading :-)

Jen said...

Lisa - glad the addiction is getting to you! Love your entries!

Marivic - just showing up makes me smile, thanks for the blog love!