Friday, August 1, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

Niall, my seven year old, is known to stress out about things. For instance, the other day the boys and I were talking about growing up and having kids. This led into the following conversation:

Niall: Oh, I'm never having kids.

Me: Why not? Don't you think it would be fun to have kids?

Niall: Sure.

Me: Then why don't you want to have any?

Niall: (In an 'isn't it obvious' tone) Because I don't know how to get to the hospital!

This is typical for him. He has also informed me that he doesn't ever plan on moving out no matter how old he gets. Why? Because he might not be able to get to the bank. ???? Who knew the bank would factor so high on the life necessity list of a seven year old?

So the other day we had another 'stressed out Niall' incidence. A newlywed couple has just moved in on the street behind us. They are very nice, and she is particularly sweet. We've got to know them a little, because our dog Rosie loves to go play at their house. Anytime the gate is left open and no one is around, off she goes.

Niall has become a fan of Nichole - probably because she keeps offering him food - and I've become suspicious that he occasionally lets Rosie out intentionally. This happened the other day, and he came home and excitedly told me Nicole had offered to let him borrow movies the next time he came to get Rosie.

The next day, Rosie mysteriously went AWOL, and Niall came rushing in to see if he and Liam could go get her. I rolled my eyes and sent them on their way. About ten minutes later he was back and I could see there was a problem.

Niall: Mom? (In his stressed out 'I'm trying not to cry' voice) Will you call Nicole and ask her if we can borrow some movies?

Me (heartless, as usual): No, if you wanted movies you should have asked for them while you were over there.

Niall (blinking very fast as tears welled): I couldn't. Rosie was in their backyard, and when we called her she came. (usually she runs the other way when the boys go to retrieve her)

Me: (sigh) Well, if you really want to borrow movies, why don't you just go back over and ask?

Niall (breaking down completely): I can't (sob). She said "when you come to get Rosie" and Rosie isn't over there (sob, sob).

At this point I was feeling sorry for the poor little guy, and managed to convince him that it would be okay to go back. He was a little concerned, but did it anyway and came happily home with his movies.

There was nothing remarkable about this incident, but for some reason I just keep thinking about it. Lately I've found myself getting emotional about the fact that my kids are getting older. My little Conan is going to be five in December, and everyone knows that babyhood is officially over by five. The fat creases on their arms and wrists are gone, their faces thin out, and they quickly get too big to sit on your lap and cuddle.

With my first I didn't realize this was happening, and his babyhood slipped by one night and was gone. I missed it's going completely, because I failed to see the end coming. Now I feel like I'm hanging on for dear life to Conan's sweet little ways, because too soon they will be gone as well.

Liam is a nine year old giant, Niall is big enough to worry about banking, and run around the neighborhood unsupervised (okay, it's really just a field between our houses, but I wouldn't let Conan go alone) and Conan is next. What will I do with out a little boy around to cuddle and kiss? I really can't imagine it. For all the things they've ruined, all the noise and wrestling and dare-devil stunts that end in disaster, there is nothing in the world as sweet as a little boy.

And so, I will enjoy Niall's little childhood stresses, and appreciate him even more for having them. I will cherish being the one to solve his problems and calm his fears, because I know the day will come when he won't need me this way anymore. And most of all, I will thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me such wonderful children to watch, enjoy, and love. There couldn't be a greater gift.


by AnnieValentine said...

Boy, "I want to live at home forever". Sounds like someone else I used to know. Good thing you have an acre, he'll be able to build a nice little shanty out by the fence.

Jen said...

He is freakishly like me...

Natalie said...

Awww- this is so sweet. I can relate on several levels.

Kerry said...

Hey, so glad you are blogging. I hadn't been on mine in a while and saw you left something for me. I am looking forward to reading it all. I loved Nials comment about not knowing where the hospital is. Love, K

Stephanie said...

What a nice post about our babies growing up. It's funny that you wrote about the kids going to the neighbors to borrow movies, we have kind of the same thing going on here! I wish we could be neighbors!

Laura said...

Good thing you still have baby Meara! She still has lots of creases in lots of areas. Niall is hillarious! I can see that if I got more into the blogging thing I could come up with more to write on a daily basis. You know that there's always action at my house. I'm just afraid that I'll sound negative writing about all the many mishaps. The happy stuff isn't usually as entertaining.

KateandMatt said...

Great blog! Niall sounds like he's a fun kid. I love how you spell his name, I only know one person who spells it that way, and he's a friend of mine here in London, he's from Scotland. In fact, all your kids have very British sounding names. I love it.

I hope you don't mind the comment, I found you after you'd left a comment on my sister Cyndi's blog (and you'd found hers through I think my sister Bek's blog). Ah what a fun little circle.

But I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more.