Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things I Love

1. When my husband unexpectedly shows up somewhere. I really like him. A lot.

2. Looking at my children while they're sleeping. Aahhhhhh.

3. Any kind of event where food is served. I should be president of the "Here for the food" club.

4. Ratting out my sister (Annie) on her blog. This is one of my favorite new pastimes.

5. Cute clothes I can afford.

6. Ross - thanks for making love #6 possible!

7. The color red. Particularly red shoes, which I have determined go with just about anything.

8. Good friends who love me and say things like "Can you please come shopping with me?" This is possibly the sweetest thing anyone could ever say to me. Thanks Chelsea/Susan/Robin! and everyone else who falls in this category.

9. Comments on my blog. So much fun to see what people have to contribute to my life. Blogging is fun, communing and commiserating is so much better!

10. My parents for giving me such a great life. Thanks Mom and Dad. There may be people who had it as good as me, but I doubt anyone had it better.


Natalie said...

I agree that looking at my children sleeping is beautiful. Now, if they would just go to sleep!

by AnnieValentine said...

I love living by you. Is that too sappy for you? I bet you'll cry when I leave, sniff sniff.

Jen said...

You're the dork who wants to go and live somewhere else. What's wrong with you?

Annette & Ellsworth Curran said...

It is great to read your blog Jennie-it is such fun to learn about other the lives of people you care about.