Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Pee Fairy

What is it about life? And two year olds? You never really know anything except that if you're taking any kind of a gamble on what they'll do, you'll probably loose.

Let's look at my adorable little potty trained wonder Meara for a moment. It has now been 17 days (and nights) since I potty trained her. Just in case, I bought pull-ups for her to use at night. One never can be sure what's going to happen with the whole nighttime/pee thing. I was pleased to see that she immediately began waking up dry. This wonderful occurance happened for about seven nights in a row, causing me to think dangerous thoughts.

"Hmmm," I think to myself, "these pull-ups are expensive. Surely if she's been dry for a week it's pretty safe to try putting her to bed without one."

You know how at the drive-through car washes they have those lit up instructions? Like, "STOP" and "Pull Forward"? If I had light up parenting signs, one flashing the words "DANGER! You are about to unnecessarily increase your dirty laundry!" would have immediately began flashing. But alas, no such thing exists and I was left with my own puny reasoning skills to guide me. Here's where my brilliant thinking abilities took me:

"Even if she isn't going to stay dry every night, what are the chances she'll pee the first night out of pull-ups? Yes, I think I will put her in her cutest, silky pink, freshly laundered nightgown. She'll be fine."

At this point, the sign I didn't have would have gone into a flashing frenzy, and a blaring alarm would have sounded. Can someone find me one of these signs? I mean really, I had JUST changed her crib sheet!

Sure enough, the Pee Fairy visited Meara in the night. 6:00 am, actually. Just late enough that she won't go back to sleep, and just early enough that I'm not thrilled about having to get up. I really think the Pee Fairy could have been just a little more sympathetic. Do you suppose she knows I don't like her?

So back into pull-ups we went. Until last night. She hasn't peed in a pull-up yet! It made sense to stop using them! The only time she didn't stay dry was when I thought she would! But with no flashing sign to guide me, I once more fell victim to common sense and gave that stupid Fairy a chance to visit. Wet bed just before seven. I really hate the Pee Fairy.

So, back into pull-ups tonight. The pull-up thing isn't even that big of a deal anyway. It's the gamble. It's Murphy and his dumb old law. This time, I think I'll just use the whole blasted package of pull-ups before trying again. After all, why give the Pee Fairy an invitation before it's absolutely necessary, right?


Natalie said...

Darn Pee Fairy anyway. LOL I'm just amazed at these phenomenal children that have the ability to start waking up dry as soon as they get potty trained. Brooke is SIX and still hasn't made it through the night dry more than a handful of times.

ana said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. So fun and so funny. You are however leaving me in suspense and a little disappointed. Firts, what happened with the ortho and second, nylons? Really nylons. There is nothing I despise more. Are you sure that wasn't a typo? I still love you.

by AnnieValentine said...

Am I the only person who thinks it's all right to reuse dry diapers?

Natalie said...

No, Annie, I was thinking that too but didn't know if I should say it since I felt like people would think I was gross. LOL

Kristin said...

Yes for heaven's sake, save the Earth, re-use dry pull-ups. oh and don't let her have any big drinks an hour before bed. and the mean mother I am, I used to wake my boys up for potty when I went to bed, to avoid early morning visitors. But seriously major congrats on the training advancements, are we going to have a celebration for you? girl's night out?

Jen said...

Yes, I reuse dry pull-ups! But the ones I bought were so cheap the stuff gets all bunchy after just one night, making scared it won't give good coverage.

As far as a celebreation goes, any excuse for a girls' night!