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Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Amazing Day...

First, I slept in. Or not. It depends on whether or not you take Daylight Savings Time into consideration. Personally, I found it refreshing to have a "good excuse" for being late for church. And there were people who were way later. So there.

Then, I had the privilege of helping out the primary presidency since they were short staffed. Can I just say how relaxing it is to be in there when you aren't the prez? And don't have to do sharing time? Or singing time? Or all of the above??? It was like I had no responsibilities. It was bliss.

Then I went home. It felt a little less blissful to be trapped in my house with my four children and all their pent-up energy. Seriously. I swear Sunday is their most energetic day of the whole week.

And then something magical happened. We had company - and not just any company either. Hansey, and his wife Hottie stopped by. Apparently, they have magical powers, because as soon as we'd we gone through the family-greet, my children disappeared upstairs never to be heard from again. Well, we did hear them a few times, but it was still rather miraculous.

Just in case some of you don't know who Hansey is, I'll tell you. He is Mr. Hilarious. AND he has a blog (which can be found on my sidebar) where he displays his particular brand of hilarity. I've known him and his wife since forever, and I suppose you could say he's one of a kind.

So anyway, here they were at my house. My living room was quiet for the first time all day. It was a miracle.

And then something even MORE miraculous happened. Hansey mentioned he knew something about computers. I think it was at about this point that I threw my laptop at him. (Remember my laptop? The one with all the issues this last week?) By last night I was so completely irritated with this computer because I'd done what someone told me, installed this spyware program, tried to run it, aaaaand...nothing happened.

And Hansey saved me.

I sat there and watched the whole process (in a state of almost complete mystification), and finally - FINALLY!!!!! - MY COMPUTER WAS BUG-FREE!!!!! Seriously. It was a beautiful thing. In fact, it still is. I have managed to type an entire post without any attacks from unwanted/super-persistent/uber-irritating pop-up windows telling me my computer is ABOUT TO CRASH. And it didn't take five thousand years to boot-up, either.

It is so refreshing. Just like the sleeping in, the non-primary-prez primary, and the magic silent/invisible children affect. And might I just point out that Hansey and his lovely wife are responsible for half of these phenomenons?

I told them to come again soon.

And now I think everyone should head on over, read Hansey's blog, laugh hysterically, and tell him how great he is in his comment box. Especially since it seems he's been experiencing a bit of a blog-funk (left over from February), and needs a little boost to jolt him out of it. After all, anyone who makes an innocent social call, and then allows themselves to be roped into computer-fixing, deserves a little love and appreciation - don't you agree?

Hope everyone's Sunday's were as refreshing as mine!


evitafjord said...

I like to pretend that when I visit home I go to Primary to get ideas for our Primary or because I can't sit still in RS (well, those ARE true too), but mostly it's because of that nice feeling of being in there with nothing to be in charge of. Ahhhhhhh.

Claire said...

I'm on the primary presidency, and I think I will be until I find enough love in my heart to love all the kids. I think they save ALL their pent up energy from during the week, and let it explode on a Sunday. I hope I learn my lesson and learn quickly cos my patience is almost non-existant and my love is thin on the ground. Seriously - I feel like neutering myself sometimes after a couple of hours in there! Hahaha... little darlings.(gritted teeth)

I'm now going to head over to your friend's blog, cos I need to laugh the tension away... hahaha

Barbaloot said...

Hooray for good days. Glad to hear someone benefited from Daylight Savings. I'm still busy cursing Benjamin Franklin...

Natalie said...

Yay! So glad you're up & running. You know, we had a virus this last summer & I layed down the serious cash to get the serious spyware program & it didn't work for us either. After what felt like 8 million hours trying to decipher the accent of a technician from Dell in India, I was able to do a factory reboot bringing the modem back to brand new (including loosing all of my programs & pictures & EVERYTHING.) So glad that Hansey could fix yours!

Oh, and I already read his blog. I clicked over there a while ago after I noticed how great his comments on yours & Annie's blogs were. I hadn't noticed a blog funk though. I mean, anytime you can tell about your son delivering his child in the car you know you've got some good blog material.

Robyn said...

Daylight savings is one sunday that I don't curse having the 1pm hour. We made it on time and still got to sleep in. I went from one ward as Primary pres with 40 kids, moved had a 6 month no calling break, then was made YW pres. Personally I prefer the YW calling, but Sundays are always full of responsibility. Someday, maybe I will be RS VT coordinator and can just make phone calls during the week and can relax on Sundays.

Shelley said...

I wished I would have slept in!
So glad you have a "Hansey" to fix your computer. Honestly for as great as technology is these days, you need your own personal "fix it" guy, or you are scr... Sorry thought maybe that was too crude.

Machen family said...

Good to hear! Church starts at 9, had to be there a little early, dressed my kids nice, got a call from church making sure I was going to be there (I had to play the piano for a group of men during ward conference) prepared Ian some Ovaltine that he shook everywhere and it splattered on his nice crisp white shirt, realized that I was going to be late for church told him to wear a jacket over his shirt, Elise started complaining she had diarrhea, so I had to have her stay home, dragged the other two to church, where my baby couldn't sit still for 2 seconds. It was a typical Sunday day!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

So happy you had such a great day!

And I LOVE HANSEY! Cool his wifes name is Hottie.

Melissa Bastow said...

Ok, so how exactly did they get your kids to be invisible and silent? Because I really need to know. You musn't keep this kind of info to yourself, or I may just blame my insanity on you.

Lazenby Family News said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Honored really! Funny you should mention about the house burning. "Our House" was on the burn list and my Steve was in Dustin's place. He keep thinking this is just too good to burn down. So he bought it and we had it moved about 30 years ago to my folks ranch and we also bought 7 acres to set the house on. Our house is paid for and the land. To move was only $60,000. Whata' deal. Firefighters sometimes get perks. Only thing, I didn't even see it before Steve made the deal. ha. ha. It was, "Hey, wanna' house?" lymi Susan

Haynsy said...

Seeing Jen on Sunday was a great end to our weekend. Our original purpose after spending a weekend on the Washington Coast was to stop by and see how Jen's mom was recovering. Hottie said that Jen lived right close by and we had to stop! I didn't know she was that close by.

We can't take the credit for the silent/invisible kids except that I'm kinda scary in person. Mira, Jen's daughter is the sweetest and was so comfortable around us that she just farted almost on command. We'd never really had the chance to get to know Rusty in the past but really enjoyed the time with him. I can understand the Jeremiah Johnson comparison but they are a match made in heaven. He's very calm and in control. Very likeable.

As for the PC.... when beautiful women throws her PC and you and looks at you with those big eyes... well, ya gotta fix her computer. And as it so happened, the PC gods were with me and we were able to come up with a solution.

I mean, after all, she is my manager. Now 10% of nothing is still nothing, right?

And not to end on a sour note but....

IT'S "HAYNSY". For crying out loud people.

Annie Valentine said...

I think beautiful women throw all kinds of stuff at our darling Daniel.