Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wow, I'm Actually Blogging!

And here I am, with my own little blog. Now what? I guess I'm supposed to share anything noteworthy, so here goes. Tomorrow I am pottytraining my last child. If that isn't noteworthy, than nothing is. No more diapers - ever - what a glorious thought. If all goes well, that is, and every mother who has pottytrained knows there are no guarantees.

I believe Meara is ready, and I have been putting this off since the beginning of summer, so tomorrow is the big day. Toilet Training In Less Than a Day has served me well with the other three, so that's the plan. I have the treats, and I hope I still have the book, and next time any of you see her, Meara should be wearing big girl panties.

I just want to remind everyone that I only have until September to accomplish this, because once school starts my pottytraining window closes. I will be so depressed if this doesn't work. But there's no sense worrying about it before the attempt has actually been made, so now that I've blogged I'll leave you all biting your nails in suspense - and thanking heaven you aren't pottytraining tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Just so you know- I'll read your blog even if you can't meet the specified "noteworthy" criteria. Just babble, vent, or otherwise ramble on. That's what I do. ;-)