Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I love about Fall

I was just reading my good friend Natalie's blog, and she was reminiscing about Fall, and all the things she loves about Fall. I too love Fall, and it is definitely my favorite season. My reasons for this, however, are totally different and actually quite shallow. I LOVE Fall clothes!

Fall clothes means jackets, and boots, and layers, and never having to show i.e. shave, my bright white legs. I can put up my strappy sandals - which constantly reveal my lack of a pedicure - and get away with wearing ultra sheer, barely there, nude nylons. Fall clothes have structure, and camouflaging abilities. I could make a list of all the benefits of living in a jacket climate, which non-clothes-obsessed people would term 'moderate climate'.

Summer means T-shirts that either show every little bulge/roll/un-toned flesh, or they're so baggy you look two sizes bigger than you actually are. There are the cute little peasant/baby doll tops the teenie-boppers wear, but when you've had four children they tend to make people suspicious of your condition.

It's like the theme for summer clothes is "Reveal, reveal, reveal." Reveal your untoned upper arms, reveal your flip-flop wearing feet that never get as clean as you want them, reveal your white flesh and - heaven forbid - reveal it all in a swimsuit.

The one saving grace about summer is the reinvention of capris, which save me from baring any more of my blinding legs than absolutely necessary, while offering the convenience of shaving only to the knee. They may not be as cool as shorts, but hey, I am happy to make the sacrifice.

And so, year after year I cringe at the onset of the spring catalogue. I dread that inevitable day when I will wake up and say "I can no longer acceptably wear jeans and boots. The reveal has begun." Living in the Northwest means that for at least two thirds of the year I can throw on jacket, boots, and accessories with any dumb shirt and jeans, and make a trip to the grocery store looking cute and stylish. The power of structured fabric and cute jeans really is phenomenal. All that work to fool the world just to be forced into a swimsuit when summer comes around.

I'm sure I sound very silly and vain, but I can't seem to help myself. Of course there are good things about summer too. I love camping, fishing, and hiking, (all activities with with zero looks/fashion requirements) and the chance to take a break and hang out with my kids. But over all, if I'm forced to confess to a least-favorite season it has to be summer. If that makes me shallow and unpopular, so be it - and give me a jacket climate any day!


Natalie said...

Hilarious! I'm glad my jonesing for fall could inspire you to write this and therefore give me yet another reason to be excited for summer to end! :-)

Stephanie said...

You inspire me to be a little more fashionable. I have fashionable clothes, it's just that I also have t-shirts from every Susan G. Komen race that I've ever ran, and that means one for every day of the week. They are really comfy. :)

Kelly said...

Steph, you crack me up! Okay Jen, I love Anne's blog, but reading yours is like being home-so THANK YOU for blogging. Anyway, I have to agree about fall weather, if only I could have this healthy 'glow' i.e. future skin cancer, in the fall and winter I'd be all set. Yes people, it is an all natural glow, paying for skin cancer is beyond me. WA is the perfect state for being able to wear the perfect clothes if you don't have the perfect bod.

Jen said...

Amen to that. And at least you get a healthy glow - some of us can look pasty year round despite taking our kids to the lake!